Thursday, June 30, 2016



Letting Educational Adoption Reshape Nakuru

Sponsor a child’s education for a year. 
This will pay their school fees, and give them 
a nutritious hot porridge in the morning, 
plus a hot lunch. Sometimes this is 
the only food they will get for the day.


Become a sponsor - as described below; 
Give a one time donation; 
Buy desks, books, kitchen supplies;
Buy school uniforms.


Kenya Schools require the students to wear a uniform. This helps the children feel unity and encourages a clean and neat general appearance. Some children would otherwise come to school in ragged, dirty, and torn, ill fitting clothes and shoes.

$15.00  School Uniform and sweater
$20.00  School shoes and socks
$20.00  Sports uniform for Physical Education
$20.00  Sports shoes and socks
$10.00  Backpack/ Book bag


$30.00 for a Desk

$10.00 for a Chair

$40.00 for Classroom Shelf

$150.00 for Student Books 

and Teacher's Guide


We're providing porridge 
and lunch for over 90 people each day. 
The school cook does this by making a fire with charcoal and using only one big pot at a time. We'd like to improve this situation by updating the cooking equipment and adding an enclosed food cupboard.

FOOD CUPBOARD                                     $100.00

Industrial GAS STOVE W/ TANK            $500.00

2 LARGE POTS AND LIDS                        $ 40.00

COOKING UTENSILS                                 $ 30.00


Choose a child from the profiles in this blog. Then give $100.00 three times a year with the school year starting in January. Sponsorship should be paid the month before each of the three terms start. You will get a picture of your child.

$100.00   December - First Term

$100.00   April - Second Term

$100.00   August - Third Term

Or you can pay $300.00 one time 
to cover the entire school year.


This picture was taken shortly after both parents died of HIV/AIDS. 

is in 7th grade. We have sponsors for his younger brother and sister but Derrick is still needing a sponsor. Both parents died with HIV/AIDS last year. Since their mother died the grandmother is now raising her daughter's children. It's a hardship for her since she is also a single mom with 4 children of her own and works selling vegetables in a kiosk in the slums of Ronda.


These girls are sisters and were abandoned by their father leaving their mother to support them by cleaning houses and doing laundry when ever she can find work. 



Gladys and Ann
These dear children’s mother 
is handicapped from birth. She was abandoned by her husband years ago leaving her to beg in the streets for a living. She wants her children to get an education but can't afford school fees because she gets only enough money for rent and food. These 2 precious girls love to learn and are good students.


This is Sarah with 2 of her children.
(The boy does not stay in school and runs away.
We are trying to help him get into a government program. 
Please pray for him.)


Tevin Kimani 
is a high school student. His mother is, a single mom and is struggling to get him through school.

Rosemary Okero

is an orphan. She lives with her aunt and uncle, Thomas and Pamela, who take care of her but also have 6 children of their own. Both work full time but need assistance to raise the 2 orphans left with them by a relative. We are already sponsoring her older sister

                               Rosemary Okero 

Alice, Ruth and Hiram

These siblings have been students at StoneHouse Academy for some years. Their mother has been sick and recently had surgery. She's not been able to work and would like assistance for her children's schooling

          Alice Wangui, Ruth Nduta, and Hiram

One of the best things you can do is 
to just come and see. 
Experience the life here in Kenya


Thursday, February 11, 2016


We've just started our school year for 2016.

Our amazing, dedicated teachers at StoneHouse Academy.
Aron, David, Catherine, Beatrice, Alice, Gladys, Violet and Hellen.

In Kenya education starts at age 3 with 2 years of pre-school and then kindergarten. These small children get a big head start and enter first grade able to read, write and do basic math. If you consider that most parents in the slums have never been to school or have only a few years of schooling. They can't teach their children what they don't know. They're highly motivated to get their kids in school to break the cycle of familial poverty.

We're encouraged every time we visit the school, which is at least 2-3 times a week. Teacher David is teaching the upper classes to march. Then they will raise the Kenya flag at the school.

We want to say, 'thank you', to our faithful sponsors. 
You are making many families here in Nakuru, very happy. 
To be able to educate their children 
gives them hope for a brighter future.

This year at StoneHouse Academy we are starting out with 12 charity students. That means these kids don’t have sponsors. If we don’t get sponsors for these children we will have to send them home. 

Let us introduce you to 3 sibling groups. 


Derrick, Eugene and Stacy.

Grandmother, Rose Akini, ready to go into the waters of baptism.

These children have lost both of their parents who died of HIV. Thus, leaving the grandmother to raise the children. She is determined to help these children even though she still has her own children to care for. She is a dedicated church member and was recently baptised. 

Grandmother Rose, after getting baptised.

Derrick Ochieng is in 7th grade.

Stacy Atieno is in 4th grade. Now has a sponsor.

and baby brother....

Eugene Ouma, pre-school, now has a sponsor.

Please help Derrick. He still needs a sponsor. 


These dear children’s mother is handicapped from birth. She was abandoned by her husband. She wants her children to get an education but cannot afford school fees because she is a beggar and uses her money for rent and food. These 2 precious girls love to learn and are good students. 

Gladys and Ann.

Ann with mother Sara and son.
(The boy does not stay in school and runs away.
We are trying to help him get into a government program.
Please pray for him.)

This is Gladys in 1st grade.

...and Ann Muthoni, in pre-school.


Lynette is a single mother with 3 sweet little girls who have been attending StoneHouse Academy for the past year. She lives in the deepest slum area and works doing cleaning and doing laundry when she can. Her husband left her to raise the children on her own. All three of these girls need sponsors.

Sharon, Grace and Gloria.

Sharon Maraka, 3rd grade.

Grace Aseka, Kindergarten.

Gloria Shari, 1st grade.
What ever you can do to help these kids and many others like them will be much appreciated. You can make a difference. We have watched sad faces become smiling ones. 
The reward is great!

To become a sponsor go to our website at:
You can make a difference in the future of these little ones.