Saturday, September 19, 2015

Last term of the year 2015

StoneHouse Academy and L.E.A.R.N.

We're at the beginning of the last school term of the year 2015. It’s been a good year. Students are happy and learning. Our teachers are dedicated and hard working.

As we continue to provide education for the poorest area in Nakuru we need sponsors. 

These children love to go to school and see education as a way out of the slums. They want to help their families who didn’t have the opportunity to go to school. Some of them are orphans, some have only one parent, usually the mom. Some have both parents who never went to school or weren’t able to finish school. The average income in this area is 100 - 200 ksh, [about $1.00 - $2.00] a day. The struggle is to pay rent and put food on the table... and then there’s not enough for school fees. Most live without electricity or running water. They use candle light and Kerosene lanterns, and carry water from a distance, every day. 

The L.E.A.R.N. program is dedicated to helping these families and children. They are so grateful. Just take a few minutes to look at these pictures and read their letters to see if any of these kids strikes a note in your heart. You can sponsor a child for $25 a month, or $100.00 a term for 3 terms a year, or $300.00 a year.

Velma Belinda

Samuel Oduor

Sharon Nyanchoka

Alex Odero

Barnabus Waro

Bridget Alcinyi

John Macharia

Ruth Nduto

Olivia Namachanja

Elijah Maina - 10th grade

We're hopeful to find sponsors for these kids. There are so many who need help.

We appreciate your prayers and donations.

Your Kenya Missionaries,

David and Cynthia Taylor

StoneHouse Ministries International

Friday, May 22, 2015

Letters from students

Please consider supporting the L.E.A.R.N. program  
Letting Educational Adoption Reshape Nakuru. 


My name is Paris. I am in Class 3 at StoneHouse Academy. I come from a very poor family. I am with my sick mother who is unable to work due to her condition. My father has no good job to enable him to pay for my tuition fee and buy food for us. I would like to study well and become an important person in the society. But no hope because of how we live in poverty. 
Please, I beg you to support me so that I may achieve my goal in the future. 
May the Lord God Almighty bless you as you consider this humble request of mine.


My name is Terry. I am 11 years old girl and in Class 5. I live in Nakuru town with my mother who is roasting maize to provide for me and my family since my father left us. My mother's income is very small and can only afford food which is not even enough for the family but cannot pay our school fees and other basic needs. I therefore request for any financial assistance in order to pursue my education so that I can be able to help my family in the future. For we know that better education is the key to better life in the future may the Lord bless you.


My name is Davis. I am in Class 4 at StoneHouse Academy. I come from a family whereby my parents are suffering from HIV/AIDS. My family is facing a lot of challenges due to this problem. My life has really changed because of this. Attending school regularly has been a huge problem because when I am sent home to collect school fees coming back to school is not easy. All the time my parents do fall sick causing them not to meet the needs of my family. Tears have always become my food when I remember how my future will be without education. My parents can’t pay for my tuition fee because they lack. 
Please help me so I may continue with my studies for better future and fulfill my dream of becoming a pilot. 
May the Almighty God bless you as you consider my humble request.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

LEARN program enters the second term for the year 2015.

As we enter the second term of the year 2015 we have more students than we are able to help with sponsorship. Here below are just a few. You can sponsor a child for a mere $240 a year. It can change their future.

Sharon Malaka and Grace Aseka

My name Sharon. My sister is Grace. I am in Class 2 at Stone house Academy. My sister, Grace, is in Top Class (Kindergarten). My mother is unable to pay for our school fees. She works on casual basis in a friends Kiosk. I am kindly requesting if we can get someone to sponsor us in order to continue with our studies. Thank you as you consider my request yours faithfully, Sharon



Jemima Nyamboke - Age 

My name is Jemima. I am a student at StoneHouse Academy. I am in Class three. My parents are not able to cater for my school fees. Kindly assist so that I can continue with my education and help our family. Be blessed.


Joseph Ndugu - age 8

My name is Joseph and I am eight years old. I am in Class 3 at StoneHouse Academy. My mother is a single mother. I do not have a father. My mother is forced to take care of our basic needs. It's becoming hard for me to continue with my studies. I am determined to pursue medicine when I grow up. I am kindly requesting you to help me achieve my goal. 

God bless you.


Here are three High school kids from StoneHouse Fellowship at Engashra. 
They really need to be able to finish high school and are in need of assistance. 
The first picture shows them with their siblings.

David Kabaiko - 16 years old

I am David Kabaiko. I am 18 years old and in Form two (9th grade). In our family we are five children and we live with our grandmother because our parents both died. My grandmother is unable to pay my school fees. So I come humbly to you by asking for your help. I love God and I know he has a reason for all this. I would like to encourage you with this verse - Luke 19 - which talks about Zacchaeus who climbed a tree to see Jesus and I know, even me, when I seek help it will be possible. Thank you.


David Kanene - 16 years old

My name is David Kanene. I am 16 years old. I am in high school a form two (9th grade) student. I was left as an half orphan after the death of my father. My mother is a widow left with four children. She sells the vegetables and this is to help us to have our daily bread. Now I'm requesting for a sponsor so that I can continue with my studies for the better future of my family. 

Thank you as I hope for the best. 


Susan Natetu - 17 years old

My name is Susan. I am 17 years old and in Form 3  (11th grade). My mother is single. We live in our grandmother’s house. My mother is very sick because she had a stroke and my grandmother is an old woman. My greatest problem is my school fees. I wish to fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor and be able to assist my grandmother and my mother so that we live a good life. If you will take a chance to help us we shall be grateful. God will bless you even more.


Saturday, February 7, 2015


The past year, 2014, was a very big year for us. Many new ministries were started and established ones grew. We admit we haven’t done too well in letting you know how to give. So this blog will be dedicated to that subject.

We are working on a new website that will make it easy to know what we’re doing and how you can help. 

Until then you can use the ‘Donate’ button on our blogs – that will put your donation into our Pay Pal account. You can designate where you want your donation to go when you give on Pay Pal. We’ll send you an email letting you know that we've received it.


If you’d rather you can mail us a check to:

StoneHouse Ministries International
348 Windy Hill Road
Selmer, Tennessee 38375

Continue on this blog to see what our needs are for the LEARN program and out primary school, StoneHouse Academy. 

Again we are grateful for all your prayers, friendship, and financial support.

Your missionaries in Kenya,

David and Cynthia Taylor
StoneHouse Ministries International

Sponsor a child’s education for a year:
This will cover their tuition, school fees, and nutritious mid morning hot porridge, plus a hot lunch. For many of our students this is the only food they’ll get for that day.

Porridge break.


o   Sponsorship should be paid the month before each of three terms start. $80 three times a year with the school year starting in January. You will receive an invoice by email.
o   $80   December
o   $80   April
o   $80   August
o   Or you can choose to pay the whole $240 at one time to cover the whole year.

Other ways to help:
Buy a school uniform and/or shoes. Schools require a uniform to help the child feel a part. Some children would otherwise come to school in ragged and torn, ill fitting clothes and shoes.
o   $15   School uniform and sweater
o   $15   Shoes and socks
o   $20   Sports uniform for Physical Ed days.
o   $20   Sports shoes and socks
o   $10   School backpack/book bag


Our primary school starts with 
pre-school 3 year olds, and goes to 6th grade.
Each year we’ll add the next grade 
up to 8th grade.

These are a few ways you can help our school with one time donations:

STUDENT DESKS                                                     $30 EACH
STUDENT CHAIRS                                                   $10 EACH
BOOK SHELVES FOR CLASSROOMS                                                               $40 EACH
TEXT BOOKS AND TEACHERS GUIDES                                                         $150

KITCHEN:  We are providing porridge and lunch for over 90 people each day. The school cook does this by making a fire with charcoal and wood using only one big pot at a time.

2 GAS COOKING BURNERS W/ TANK                                                               $100 EACH
LARGE POTS AND LIDS                                         $20 EACH
COOKING UTENSILS                                                                                             $30

We’d like to help our committed teachers to get their degree at university. This will secure the future of StoneHouse Academy to provide quality education as we grow.

The first year including boarding:
Uniform and track suit:                      $55.00
Exam fees:                                          $45.00
TERM 1                                              $350.00
TERM 2                                              $275.00
TERM 3                                              $125.00

Please consider how you can help. 
Any amount anytime is much appreciated.
Just go to the top left of this page 
and click on the Donate button.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Living in Kenya is such a delightful adventure. Not without its’ challenges but worth every minute of the difficulties we face daily. We’ve spent the past year adjusting to life in this foreign country. Learning ways to help without hindering is not easy. But we can truly say enabling destitute people to rise above their circumstances by encouraging them to do all they can do first, gives us a place to help.

Each morning I walk a couple of blocks to the sewing school and primary school to check on things. 

As I go out my gate I see so many children playing in the streets while their peers, who are better off than them, are in school learning reading, writing and math as well as life skills. I want to scoop them all up and bring them to our school, StoneHouse Academy. Over the past two years, I’ve watched so many unhappy kids, desperate for more than the poverty has to offer them. Given an opportunity to attend school, they begin to glow with smiles on their faces. When we walk into the school grounds we are welcomed by laughing, running children hugging and loving on us with grateful hearts. Their parents are happy because now they can feed their families with their meager earnings. Many times parents or family will forego a good meal so they can save the money for school fees. Many of these children are orphans being cared for by relatives usually grandparents, aunts or uncles.

Here's what one of them has to say:

[My name is Joseph and I am 6 years old. My father died of HIV-AIDS and my mother abandoned me when she realized that she was sick. I now live with my grandparents and they are too old to support me. I wish to get a sponsor who will support me with my education so that I can complete schooling. 
I hope you will consider me. 
Thank you and may God bless you. 
Yours, Joseph]

Last year was an exciting and changing year for StoneHouse Academy. We were able to improve the facility by moving to a larger place. The children have room for recreation and better classrooms.

Now we’re at the start of the new school year beginning on January 6th, 2015. School starts with nursery class to kindergarten when the students proudly graduate to primary classes – grade 1-5. 

This year we’ve added another class for 6th grade and will continue to add a class each year as we’re able.

Because of you, who have faithfully helped by supporting our school and the students, life is changing for many in the slums of Ponda Mali.

Please consider becoming a part of this ministry. For $80 each term – 3 times a year – you can send a child to school where they will get an education and two hot meals a day.

Student have his morning Porridge

These are just a few of the many children awaiting a sponsor:

KIBAKI – 2nd grade - is an orphan being raised by his grandparents. He is a muslim and is hearing the gospel everyday at school.

JOSEPH – 1st grade - his father died with HIV- AIDS. Since the mother is also sick she went away to spare her son seeing her sick and dying. He lives with his grandparents who also live in poverty.

CELINE – 3rd grade - is an orphan being raised by her uncle who is a pastor with StoneHouse Ministries International.

TELISIA –4th Grade -  is a very bright young girl. She is an orphan living with her grandparents. She’s behind in her grade level simply because her grandparents haven’t been able to pay school fees.

STELLA – 5th grade – is one of two daughters of a single mom. Her mother works very hard as the caretaker of StoneHouse Fellowship and also teaches the children bible class at the school, StoneHouse Academy.

Thankfully, your Missionaries in Kenya,

David and Cynthia Taylor

StoneHouse Ministries International