Monday, January 2, 2017

A New Start for 2017!

StoneHouse Ministries International 
is getting off to a new start this year. 
This means change and “change is good”. 
We’ll be focusing on discipleship 
for the whole family, including the children. 
We want to give the children 
more than an academic education. 
We want them to LEARN to follow Christ 
and we want to teach them about becoming 
a member of His body in the earth today. 

We will focus on helping kids
in our churches throughout Kenya.

Through LEARN donations we’re helping impoverished children. 

Some are orphans looking for hope...

...some are from single parent homes...

... some are handicapped children...

...some are from families with hard working parents 
who struggle to make ends meet.

We'll be having a “kids camp” after each academic school term to give biblical instruction 
through Bible stories, songs, drama’s, 
arts and crafts and other modalities. 

Our 'Guardians' - young adults from StoneHouse Fellowship Churches - will be an active part of planning and leading the activities 
for kids of all ages. 
Your donations will not only give kids 
an opportunity for education 
but also help us in funding the kids camps. 

We've started a library to make books easily accessible to our LEARN students and to teach them the joys and benefits of reading.

Children have so much to offer if we will only watch, listen and interact with them as we teach them. 
We have every opportunity to guide their lives 
to become productive citizens of 
the Kingdom of God.

Please consider sponsoring a child....

...and put a smile on their face.

For $100.00 three times a year 
for each of the three terms, 
you can provide school fees, morning porridge, 
and a hot lunch every school day. 

Your donation will also help us with expenses 
for the kids camps at the end of each term.

You can really make a difference in a child's life!

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